Confluence Enterprise Profile Pictures

The Enterprise Profile Picture plugin for Confluence allows any enterprise to manage your staff profile pictures within Confluence the same as you do with Sharepoint and Exchange. The Enterprise Profile Picture plugin is available for Confluence 4.2 up to the latest version.

  • Your users no longer need to upload the photos themselves, or have an IT Support member do it for them.
  • See which staff don't have a profile picture by listing all those without one.
  • Ensure all your staff have the same photo across all your applications by managing all your profile photos in the same way.
  • New staff members pictures are automatically added to Confluence when their Active Directory attribute or Web/File server picture is created.
  • Easy to configure and test before activating the plugin.
  • Automatically crops and re-sizes to fit Confluence profile size requirements.

Take a free trial (limited to 10% of your user base) today. Or to read more about the plugin, read the user documentation. Compatible with Confluence 4.2+


Users Pricing ($)
10 $10
25 $160
50 $210
100 $320
250 $375
500 $420
2,000 $650
10,000 $900
10,000+ $1,150

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