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A Short Guide to the Development of Enterprise Digital solutions

There comes a point in every company’s evolution when they have to review their enterprise technology and digital solutions to determine the best mix to meet their growth projections. This particularly the case in the financial markets where technological innovation is providing opportunities for firms. Some pioneering Equity Research firms are building enterprise digital solutions utilizing state of the art technology to deliver content and functionality direct to their customers. This allows their clients to access the digital solution on desktops or mobile devices and interact with and customize the display of that content.

When a company reaches the decision to embark on a new generation of its enterprise solution, there are a number of factors that need to be considered. Equion consulting has produced a short Enterprise Digital Solutions Guide, which discusses these factors and they include:

  1. Access to first-rate technical experts to deliver complex products and services to power your business.
  2. Choice of leading edge Content Management Systems (e.g dotCMS).
  3. Data Visualisation tools and solutions are particular important when the user has to analyse and interpret complex data quickly, such as complex financial data and trends.
  4. The development of sophisticated Search functionality is key and should be significantly better than the major Internet search engines.
  5. IT Architecture including server and software considerations. Decisions such as whether to build in-house or outsource are critical.
  6. Mobile and smart technologies compatibility. With the changing nature of work, any solution must be mobile and compatible with all smart technologies.

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