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The Development of Sophisticated Search is Crucial

Delivering a high quality search capability on a company’s enterprise digital solution is a challenge for most firms. Users will come to your company’s website with a variety of expectations and opinions as to what constitutes good search. All will be familiar with Google search and other Internet search engines. As a result many firms have invested large amounts of time and money in Search, with varying results.

If users cannot then find the products, services or information they need it will result in loss of business. Firms will lose out on sales or sales leads, which can also have adverse impacts on the company’s brand. Search capabilities have to be well designed and configured correctly and must deliver quality results.

Therefore, the user search experience and the relevance and quality of the results returned should be significantly better than that of the major internet search engines. This should be the case whether searching on a single website or doing Federated Search (i.e. searching simultaneously across multiple resources). So the solution provides finely tuned search functionality that delivers the information users need, quickly and easily regardless of location.

Firms that get this right will have a clear competitive advantage. In essence, high quality search solutions will drive sales, brand awareness and loyalty, enabling your organisation to stand out and succeed in the current competitive environment.

Equion Consulting can help build the optimum search solution for you. We provide:

  • Website search solutions
  • Intranet and data store search solutions
  • Integrated search results
  • Search user experience
  • Search installation, customisation and tuning
  • Search solution migration
  • Extending search capabilities
  • Search quality tuning, auditing and monitoring

Equion provides innovative solutions for competitive business advantage
 including Search solutions and strategy consulting.

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