Our Approach

Here at Equion  we believe in practising what we preach, working in a collaborative and iterative partnership with our clients. We ensure that our solution aligns and delivers on business and stakeholder requirements, guiding you through the full project life-cycle from the initial vision and scope of the business challenge to ongoing operational support.

Our approach ensures that we continually exceed requirements and create ongoing value for your business.

Our 7-stage approach guarantees that we deliver a “right first time” implementation.

  1. Planning - Assess business requirements, existing process and technical infrastructure to create a concept Model.

  2. Design - Create engaging and unique designs and workflows. The designs are then fully tested to ensure users can find information, complete tasks and collaborate intuitively.

  3. Pilot - Test pilots are run and from the results we modify the designs, user journeys and functionality to fulfil requirements.

  4. Implementation - Atlassian products are customised and any required plug-ins are developed and fully implemented and integrated with existing business systems and infrastructure.

  5. Testing - All components of the final solution are rigorously tested, including full end-to-end testing.

  6. Deployment - Deploying complex solutions into large organisations.

  7. Support - We provide ongoing support and consultancy to ensure that the delivered solution can grow organically as your business changes and develops.

Equion provides innovative solutions for competitive business advantage
 including Search solutions and strategy consulting.

To find out more: email info@equionconsulting.com or call +44 (0) 20 3582 1032

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